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Re: announce-gen: minor issues

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: announce-gen: minor issues
Date: Wed, 23 May 2012 11:38:31 +0200

Akim Demaille wrote:

> Hi Jim!
> Le 23 mai 2012 à 10:34, Jim Meyering a écrit :
>>>> * build-aux/announce-gen: When parsing command line options,
>>>> prefer "announce-gen: option --release-type requires an argument"
>>>> to "Option release-type requires an argument".
>> This is an improvement, but for the fact that then all explicit
>> uses of warn would emit "$ME: $ME: …".
> Bummer, I was fooled by the "local", but we're not in
> a function, and anyway it would leak to callers :(
> Sorry.
>> What do you think about removing the "$ME: " prefix from
>> each existing warn argument string?
> Sounds good!  Attached to be squashed.

Thanks.  squashed and pushed.

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