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Re: FYI: do-release-commit-and-tag: fix typo

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: FYI: do-release-commit-and-tag: fix typo
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2012 17:37:08 +0200

Le 5 juil. 2012 à 17:13, Stefano Lattarini a écrit :

> Hi Akim, Jim.

hi Stefano,

> Just a minor correction about your "set -e" interpretation ...
> But "false && something" causes no problem under "set -e":
>    $ sh -e -c 'false && exit 1; echo OK'
>    OK
> otherwise about one third of the Automake testsuite would spuriously
> fail with regularity :-)

well, shells running the Automake test suite might be be a little
more sane that are those running configure. But either my memory
is deficient and this has never happened, or these are better
days, and this constraint no longer makes sense.  In either case,
thanks for my education!

> And I'm pretty sure that POSIX mandates this behaviour somewhere…

POSIX != portable.

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