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Re: GNU sed version 4.2.1: on OS X, C locale gets aliased to UTF-8

From: Max Horn
Subject: Re: GNU sed version 4.2.1: on OS X, C locale gets aliased to UTF-8
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2012 23:41:00 -0600

Hi there,

once again, I am begging the gnulib team to consider fixing an issue in the 
locale code of gnulib which causes errors when using GNU sed on Mac OS X -- 
i.e. scrips (such as "git filter-branches") start failing when one installs GNU 
sed 4.2.1, due to this bug in gnulib. Moreover, the coreutils 8.19 testsuite 
experiences tons of errors due to this.

The background has been explained here several times at length, see e.g. 
<http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-gnulib/2012-07/msg00097.html>. So far I 
saw no real arguments against my proposed patch (attached) that withstood 

The last comments on this where:

On 23.06.2012, at 08:54, Paolo Bonzini wrote:

>> On the other hand, so far I saw no reply to my attempts to refute 
>> counterarguments
>> against these patches. So, should I just submit git patches for one (or 
>> both) of them,
>> for inclusion? Or does anybody still have reservations about this?
> I'm waiting for feedback from the Gnulib guys.  This code comes into
> sed via Gnulib.
> I'd like to see this fixed soon so that I can release 4.3.
> Paolo

and then:

On 23.06.2012, at 10:36, Paul Eggert wrote:

> On 06/23/2012 07:54 AM, Paolo Bonzini wrote:
>> I'm waiting for feedback from the Gnulib guys.
> Can you please summarize the issue, the proposed fixes,
> and the pros and cons of each?  The discussion has been
> spread out for so long that I've forgotten half of it.
> No need for anything fancy; URLs are fine.  Thanks.

After which I sent my email above, but then nothing else happened.

So, please once again consider the attached patch for gnulib. It is inside an 
#ifdef DARWIN7 block, so even people who don't care about OS X should not have 
any problem with it, I hope.

Thank you very much,

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