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Re: gnulib:test-stdalign failing on powerpc-darwin8, gcc-4.0

From: David Fang
Subject: Re: gnulib:test-stdalign failing on powerpc-darwin8, gcc-4.0
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2014 17:51:57 -0500 (EST)

Hi Paul,
I tried applying the patch (just the stdalign.in.h bit) to the powerpc-darwin8 build, but I still see (when changing the assert to printf):

static_char_alignas 5
static_char_Alignas 4
static_short_alignas 2
static_short_Alignas 0
static_int_alignas 4
static_int_Alignas 0
static_long_alignas 4
static_long_Alignas 0
static_int64_t_alignas 0
static_int64_t_Alignas 0
static_float_alignas 4
static_float_Alignas 0
static_double_alignas 0
static_double_Alignas 0
static_struct1_alignas 5
static_struct1_Alignas 4
static_struct2_alignas 0
static_struct2_Alignas 6
static_struct3_alignas 0
static_struct3_Alignas 4
static_struct4_alignas 0
static_struct4_Alignas 4

I also happened to test GNTLS-3.3.9 (containing gnulib) on powerpc-darwin9, also using apple-gcc-4.0, before patching, and it passed all tests.

I'm not entirely sure what is different between them.
If you have any suggestions, I can try them tonight.


David Fang wrote:
 Does this mean that it falls back to the distributed copy in

Yes, actually, it's basically a copy of gl/stdalign.in.h.

 I don't see any evidence of the replacement stdalign.h being tested in

The replacement is not tested, because its runtime behavior can't easily be tested with cross-compilation.

Do you observe the same problem with Apple's GCC 4.2?

Do the attached patches work around the problem for you? The second one's for HP compilers and you can ignore it if you like.

David Fang

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