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Re: SIGSEGV in partial_quotearg_n()

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: SIGSEGV in partial_quotearg_n()
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2017 22:29:00 -0700
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James Youngman wrote:
gnulib foliks, do you have test data which results in FTS_DC being
returned by fts_read?   If not, have you tested in any other way that
ent->fts_cycle->fts_pathlen is in-bounds for this case?

The Gnulib tests for fts are minimal and don't use FTS_DC as far as I know.

I tested bleeding-edge findutils (commit 41dd17cb87a399c6359be3e8c56373a210f89354) successfully on Fedora 26 x86-64 using a simple case involving a bind mount to create a hard-link loop. Something like this:

mkdir /tmp/root
sudo mount -o bind / /tmp/root
valgrind ~/src/gnu/findutils/find/find / $(ls / |
  sed '/tmp/d; s/.*/-name & -prune -o/') -name root -print

The last command output:

/home/eggert/src/gnu/findutils/find/find: File system loop detected; ‘/tmp/root’ is part of the same file system loop as ‘/’.

along with some "Permission denied" messages and a clean bill of health from Valgrind. So, I couldn't reproduce the problem. Presumably the test case needs to be hairier.

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