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Re: Why does close_stdout close stdout and stderr?

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: Why does close_stdout close stdout and stderr?
Date: Sun, 12 May 2019 18:09:59 -0700
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Kamil Dudka wrote:

OK, but this shouldn't be a problem with any applications currently
using close_stdout. At least, none of the applications I know about.

How would you know if they did?

The usual way: ordinary users would be complaining. By "ordinary users" I mean users other than developers who are employing unusual compiler options, LD_PRELOAD settings, etc. for testing.
As long as you link libraries dynamically, any of the directly or indirectly
linked libraries can introduce an ELF destructor or atexit() handler anytime,

I don't see any way around this problem in general with the closeout module's current API, because when it discovers an I/O error it calls _exit, and _exit also clashes with that kind of cleanup handling.

If we want Coreutils and similar programs to be robust even for developers with unusual configurations for testing, I expect we'll need to change the programs to not use the closeout module at all. This would complicate these programs, since we'd need to check every way that every stdin-reading or stdout- or stderr-writing program can exit normally, and modify the affected programs to check the relevant I/O streams just before the normal exit occurs.

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