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Re: prepare_0_5_96

From: Alessandro Rubini
Subject: Re: prepare_0_5_96
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 10:28:22 +0200

> 3. I then merge the change on the branch with the main trunk.

Ok, I missed that pass. Sorry.

>> Then, 0.6 is planned for December and after that the cross-platform rewrite?
>> Or is the cross-platform stuff planned after 1.0, in 2004?
>   I hope that the former will be true, but I don't know, since I'm not
> hired to work on GRUB by you (or anyone else).

Again, sorry if my words looked harsh.  I should have dropped the "in 2004"
above. I'm not complaining that development is slow.

As I stated some time ago, I want to actively help in making grub
cross-platform, aa I have several platforms to port it to. So I was
interested in the project schedule before I can jump in.

I'm happy to know that rewrite will happen after 0.6 and not 1.0,
independently of whether the proposed schedule for 0.6 is met or not.

Hope you accept my apologies.


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