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[question] Default menu.lst with keymap

From: Thierry Laronde
Subject: [question] Default menu.lst with keymap
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 11:26:43 +0200
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Just a question. If one sends you a file containing the keymaps for a
non english qwerty keyboard (for example for an azerty french), could it
be considered to generate at "making" time a default menu.lst containing
the keymap according to the $LANG setting (using the preprocessor of cc,
or simply with `cat') ?

Thierry LARONDE <address@hidden>
10, rue du Bel Air, 74000 ANNECY - FRANCE/ Tel : 33.(0)
/home du SDF (Site Debian Francophone) : http://www.polynum.com/sdf/

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