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Re: [question] Default menu.lst with keymap

From: Thierry Laronde
Subject: Re: [question] Default menu.lst with keymap
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 19:25:08 +0200
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On Tue, Oct 10, 2000 at 11:29:02PM +0900, OKUJI Yoshinori wrote:
> From: Thierry Laronde <address@hidden>
> Subject: [question] Default menu.lst with keymap
> Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 11:26:43 +0200
> > Just a question. If one sends you a file containing the keymaps for a
> > non english qwerty keyboard (for example for an azerty french), could it
> > be considered to generate at "making" time a default menu.lst containing
> > the keymap according to the $LANG setting (using the preprocessor of cc,
> > or simply with `cat') ?
>   No. The environment variable LANG is independent of hardware. In
> fact, I often use US keyboards with LANG set to "ja_JP".

OK, you've got the point. But the question remains : would you allow, at
least, to include different files with the different mapping (telling
the user to include them in their menu.lst, or asking the user what kind
of keyboard (qwerty|azerty|.., locale) he uses and including the
relevant file in a menu.lst ?
Thierry LARONDE <address@hidden>
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