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Re: New FS driver (and support for a new OS).

From: OKUJI Yoshinori
Subject: Re: New FS driver (and support for a new OS).
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 20:40:08 +0900

From: Kurt Skauen <address@hidden>
Subject: New FS driver (and support for a new OS).
Date: 31 Oct 2000 10:48:30 +0100

> Hi, all. I have ported GRUB to the AtheOS operating system
> <http://www.atheos.cx/> (or was it the other way around? I'm not sure :)
> and written a GRUB filesystem driver for the native AtheOS filesystem.
> I also modified the kernel to make it MultiBoot compliant and
> everything works nicely. I can boot AtheOS directly off a native
> partition using grub. GRUB rules! :)

  Great. :)

> My question now is how to get this port into the regular source tree
> (if possible)? Should I just mail a diff here? Or is there a contact
> person I should send this requests to? I could not figure it out by
> looking at the homepage, all I found was pointers to this list :)

  You came to the right place. If your patch is small enough, send it
to this list. Otherwise, put it to somewhere we can download. Don't
forget to write appropriate ChangeLog entries.

> I'm also wondering if the filesystem driver must follow the GNU coding
> style?

  It should.

  BTW, I think you will also have to send a copyright assignment to
the FSF. Gordon will describe how to send it.


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