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Re: VBE support

From: Jan Fricke
Subject: Re: VBE support
Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2000 08:56:59 +0100

Using Matrox G400 I got the following output:

grub> vbeprobe
 VBE version 2.0
  0x100: Packed pixel, 640x400x8
  0x101: Packed pixel, 640x480x8
  0x103: Packed pixel, 800x600x8
  0x110: Direct Color, 640x480x16
  0x111: Direct Color, 640x480x16
  0x112: Direct Color, 640x480x32
  0x113: Direct Color, 800x600x16
  0x114: Direct Color, 800x600x16
  0x115: Direct Color, 800x600x32


Sorry, forgot to test "testvbe".
Couldn't test this with an older PC, because grub (cvs version) stops
working after the "stage2 ....." output :-( [this was also reported by

Best wishes                         Jan

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