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Re: Internal ZIP bug, "more" command, dynamic memory

From: Volker Augustin
Subject: Re: Internal ZIP bug, "more" command, dynamic memory
Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2000 17:34:14 +0100

>Don't do that. As I said, run the command "ioprobe" instead. The
>command does the same thing as GRUB does at the startup time.

>  See the values of "IP" and "CS". If GRUB doesn't stop dumping
>registers, their values should be repeated periodically. Write down
>the repeated values, reboot your machine, and dump the memory regions
>indicated by the addresses. In real mode, (CS << 4 | IP) represents
>a currently executed (linear) address. So you can dump a target memory
>region by "read ((CS << 4) | IP)". Note that GRUB doesn't evaluate any
>expression, so you have to pass a pre-computed value to the command
>"read". Then, you can disassemble the dumped binary code. If anything
>is difficult for you, feel free to ask me.

I did and here are the results:

CS = F0000

IP:    Address(dez):  Value:
71B8   1012152        021146F6
  BC        54        0B750211
  C9        69        538000B8
  CC        72        568B5153
  CD        73        00568B51
  CE        74        8300568B
  D1        77        B707C283
  D4        80        37B90CB7
  D6        82        E8B737B9
  D9        85        F87588E8
E764   1042276        90F88A53
  67        79        75C90B90
  68        80        0C7FC90B
  6A        82        FE590C75
  78        96        22D88AEC
  79        97        C422D88A
  7B   1042300        74C73AC4
  7D        02        871974C7
  7F        04        90DB8719
  9A        30        C38AE432
  9C        32        C35BC38A
  9E        34        7AE8C35B
  9F        35        497AE8C3
71DC   1012188        74E40AF8
  DD        89        0174E40A
  DF        91        59790174
  E2        94        53C35B59
  E3        95        5153C35B
  E4        96        325153C3
701A   1011738        0192820F
  1E        42        468ACAFE
  20        44        EE02468A
  23        47        E8EBE6EE
  24        48        8FE8EBE6
  26        50        0F018FE8
71B8   1012152        021146F6

The same stuff is attached as hexdump.txt. the other file is my compiled stage1 
and stage2 (gz-tared)

Actually, now that  I have all this data, I do not know what to do next. I 
tried to find the memory values in stage2 but could not find them. Even if I 
had found them I would not  have known what to do. So, please help :-)

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