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Re: Please, help on Grub

From: OKUJI Yoshinori
Subject: Re: Please, help on Grub
Date: Wed, 08 Nov 2000 10:51:34 +0900

From: Kurt Skauen <address@hidden>
Subject: Re: Please, help on Grub
Date: 07 Nov 2000 23:37:18 +0100

> Im currently working on an installer for AtheOS and it whould make my
> job a bit simpler if I could write a generic config script that
> instead of dictating the partition too boot from only said what FS to
> use and what files should be found on the partition to make it a valid
> boot-device. GRUB could then scan all partitions and check if all the
> requierments was meet. If excactly one partition match it boot from
> there if more than one match the user is presented with a list and if
> none was found it starts the shell.

  Actually, I thought of the very thing when I wrote the command
"find". I haven't said, but the command was the first step to
configure GRUB automatically. Unfortunately, I was driven with more
urgent tasks after that time, so I forgot my original goal. If you
could work on this, I would be very happy.

> If it also was able to write down
> the last selection somewhere and use that as default during the next
> boot everything whould be perfect :)

  GRUB can save the last selected entry, but I guess you mean, GRUB
should save the last selected partition of an entry as well. Uggh,
that's not so easy, I think.


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