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By NT loader booting GRUB and Linux

From: Tommi Borg
Subject: By NT loader booting GRUB and Linux
Date: Sat, 2 Dec 2000 00:33:45 +0200

Still want to use NT as the loader for WIN98 and NT itself.  I have
now installed GRUB on the Linux-root and not on the /MBR.  In the
first partition of 45GB harddisk is win98 on FAT16, second is NT on
NTFS and below 8.4GB limit is installed Linux. The booting of Linux by
GRUB is done still by floppy.

During mounting rest partitions after Linux I found out that there
happened some odd with the labeling order of the partitions.  I got
later fixed the problem and now there is a lot of stuff and do not
want anymore to go backward and use LILO.  Also if I have understood
right, GRUB will boot other Linux-versions on my second harddisk, if
they are GRUB-bootable types.

Not found any simple solution to do with BootPart 2.2 or NT
loader by Boot.ini file something as follows:
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(3)\????   for booting GRUB.  Do
anyone know simple and good solution for people still wanting to have
another leg on NT during going to Linux-world?

Tommi Borg

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