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Grub doesn't recognize Minix in its own partition, but everywhere else

From: Ralf Medow
Subject: Grub doesn't recognize Minix in its own partition, but everywhere else
Date: Sun, 03 Dec 2000 04:11:30 +0100


while familiarizing myself with Grub, using grub-0_5_96_1-i386-pc.ext2fs
dd'd to a floppy and booted from it, I once accidentially installed a
Minix filesystem into a type-83-partition and only noticed my fault when
the geometry-command of grub told me so:

   Partition num: 6, filesystem type is minix, partition type is 83

After correcting the fault grub told me:

   Partition num: 6, filesystem type is unknown, partition type is 81

Not only was the filesystem unknown, but the find command now also was
unable to locate a file on that partition.

Changing the partition type back to 83 gave again the minix / 83 result. 

I'm using a 
   WDC WD307AA-00BAA0, 29333MB w/2048kB Cache, CHS=59598/16/63
according to the Linux boot log but with CHS=3739/255/63 according to
BIOS and partition table.

I testet several fs/pt combinations yielding the following table 
(+ filesystem is recognized, - filesystem is unknown):


   F     M
   A  e  i
   T  2  n
   1  f  i
   6  s  x  Partition Type
   +  -  +  06 DOS FAT16 >32M
   +  -  +  0b Win95 FAT32
   +  -  +  0c Win95 FAT32 LBA
   +  -  +  0e Win95 FAT16 LBA
   -  -  +  41 Linux/Minix (+DRDOS)
   -  -  +  43 Linux native (+DRDOS)
   -  -  +  63 GNU Hurd / Mach
   -  -  -  80 Minix until 1.4a
   -  -  -  81 Minix / old Linux
   -  +  +  83 Linux native
   -  -  +  b7 BSDI fs
   -  -  +  c6 DRDOS/sec FAT16 >32M
   -  -  +  f2 DOS 3.3+ sec.

To me that looks like Minix is recognized everywhere *except* on its own
partition. Maybe a wrong negation in an if-statement?

Best Regards
Ralf Medow

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