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Removing grub *WITHOUT* using other OS'es. Was: ...Removing Grub (Agai

From: RD Lawrence
Subject: Removing grub *WITHOUT* using other OS'es. Was: ...Removing Grub (Again)
Date: Thu, 04 Apr 2002 13:46:53 -0600

Thanks for the heads up regarding a free version of DOS.   We stupidly threw 
our DOS diskettes years ago, iin 1984 if memory serves, after convincing 
that DOS was totally unnecessary in a good unix working environment.  :-)    We
never realized that we would eventually find ourselves grappling with a 
bootloader with an inherent weakness that would force us to temporarily revert
back to this ancient OS. :-)

Ironically, I will probably go back to recommending Lilo in the future
unless/until this problem is resolved *without* using other OSes.  Lilo may be a
poorer choice in many respects but its designers do understand that a user might
wish to stop using it under some circumstances.

Let me repeat my original question:

Does anyone know how to safely rewrite MBRs *and*  PBRs on linux drives and
partitions using *LINUX* tools?   Apart from confusing and ambiguous
documentation, the problem of removing grub seems to be the number #1 complaint
from grub users.

Kingsly John wrote:

> On Thu, 4 Apr 2002, RD Lawrence wrote:
>  |Mathieu Chouquet-Stringer wrote:
>  |
>  |> Boot from a dos floppy and:
>  |> fdisk /mbr
>  |
>  |Thanks for the suggestion, but we don't have any DOS floppies.   Is there a
>  |way that this problem can be fixed *WITHOUT* purchasing an MSDOS 6.x license
>  |from microsoft?
> Whoever said DOS == MS-DOS only ??
> Take a look at FreeDos it should be having the same fdisk features and is
> opensource!

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