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Grub and USB Keyboard

From: Daniel Button
Subject: Grub and USB Keyboard
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 10:20:49 -0400


        Just let me start with saying that I am very happy with Grub.  
Recently, I
switched to a USB keyboard, and the fun stopped.

        Let me give you a little background on the machine:
Gigabyte motherboard GA-7VX-1 with AMI bios with the latest rev (7VX F7B)
USB support is turned on with legacy support (USB for keyboard/fdd)

        When I have a PS/2 keyboard installed, Grub works fine and I have no
complaints.  With the USB keyboard installed, I have no control of the
keyboard inside of Grub to select the menu item that I want.  This includes
any of the alphanumeric keys as well as the arrow keys.  Now the kicker, The
USB keyboard works fine with BIOS selections to set whatever parameters that
I need.  Also LILO and the Windows Boot Manager for NT, 2000, XP works with
no problem.  I found this very unusual and disconcerting that my favorite
boot loader would not and the others would.  I have tried this with Grub
versions 0.90 installed by RedHat 7.2 and compiling version 0.91 with the
default compiler and libraries from RedHat 7.2.

        So my question is....  Why does Grub not work when LILO and the Windows
Boot Manager will?  I consider Grub the superior product, but I can't use
it. :^(

        Sorry, but I am not a programmer, so I can not begin to suggest a code 
I will be happy to answer anything about my system and experience that I can
to get the problem fixed.  In reading the archives and other mail from
different sources, the problem does not seem to be properly addressed.  I
know that others have had similar problems, and the only recourse was to go
back to a PS/2 keyboard.  On this particular system, I am sticking with the
USB keyboard.  I would love to use Grub if I could.  Anybody have any
suggestions as to why LILO and Windoze work, but not Grub?

        Any help would be appreciated.


Dan Button

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