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Re: Early alpha patches for El Torito etc

From: Mathieu Chouquet-Stringer
Subject: Re: Early alpha patches for El Torito etc
Date: 14 Apr 2002 14:21:20 -0400
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        Hello Thierry!

I was just going to send you an email to get an update on this project.
Your patch applied cleanly on my tree so I'm going to give it a shot...
Do you have anything in mind regarding testing?

Regards, Mathieu.

address@hidden (Thierry Laronde) writes:
> Hello,
> Since I'm late with everything, I have released patches with a new
> version of stage1.S, modified versions of start.S, bios.c etc... to
> support El Torito and odd floppies formats. But this new version,
> against 0.92 is UNTESTED. 
> This new version of stage1 relocates itself, is PIC, so it can behave
> gently even if it is not loaded at 0:0x7C00 AND it can load another
> stage1 (for example another GRUB stage1 on another disk, or a MS MBR
> etc...).
> I have changed too the directory tries for _stage1_.
> The patches are here, but I need to test... and document some changes.
> But stage1.S is deeply commented. Note that you will need to use
> automake and autoconf to regenerate the Makefile.in:
> http://alpha.polynum.org/misc/grub_0.92.diff.gz
> A+

Mathieu Chouquet-Stringer              E-Mail : address@hidden
    It is exactly because a man cannot do a thing that he is a
                      proper judge of it.
                      -- Oscar Wilde

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