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Reading the FAQ works!

From: Martin Felker
Subject: Reading the FAQ works!
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 18:11:45 -0400

Got GRUB to boot off the HD into the configuration file by expliectly following the example for grub @command install in the GNU FAQ #1 (third solution).   I'm absurdly pleased by this amazing result!
One small bug which I can live with if there is no workaround by one of the folks that wrote the FAQ or the Manual.
I am using Red Hat Linux Skipjack Beta 2 v 7.29.93.   The splashimage directive which I know is an unsupported RH extention does not work (again amazing).   However it does work when I boot off a floppy.   Any ideas??   Hey this gives me a chance to play with the color directives in GRUB 0.91 so all is not lost.   If I explictly run the splashimage= directive from the grub prompt and then run configfile file the nice background also comes up.
This is a really good piece of work GRUB maintainers - any idea at all when GRUB might enter a 1.00 beta stage??
Martin Felker
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