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need terminfo for serial console?

From: Dr . Tilmann Bubeck
Subject: need terminfo for serial console?
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2002 20:50:56 +0200


I am using grub together with a serial console, which is not a vt100
terminal. Therefore I could not use the nice menus of vt100, but must use
"dumb" instead. 

Are you (the project coordinators) interested in getting a patch for grub
to read terminfo files on harddisk, therefore enabling it to use any
terminal emulation?

I just thought about that beeing nice and I am willing to contribute this
code (havent started yet). The basic idea could be: change the "terminal"
(or better "serial"?) command to include an option "term" for setting the
terminal emulation type (e.g. "serial --term=vt52 --unit=..."). Then
io_char.c could read the given terminfo file (compiled format, see
term(5)) and use the keys stored there. For easy access, the terminfo file
should reside on the root partition (e.g. "/boot/grub/terminfo/v/vt52").
The user could decide to place the whole terminfo database there, or just
the one file he uses.

What do you think? Would you accept such a patch?


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