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Re: need terminfo for serial console?

From: Dr. Tilmann Bubeck
Subject: Re: need terminfo for serial console?
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2002 22:25:04 -0700 (PDT)

--- "Yoshinori K. Okuji" <address@hidden> wrote:
> At Sun, 28 Apr 2002 20:50:56 +0200,
> Dr.Tilmann Bubeck <address@hidden> wrote:
> > Are you (the project coordinators) interested in getting a patch for grub
> > to read terminfo files on harddisk, therefore enabling it to use any
> > terminal emulation?
> If that could make the code more spaghetti-like, I wouldn't be
> interested in that. Also, I wonder how many people would benefit from
> that. So If you believe such a feature is very important, you will
> have to elaborate on your environment and needs.

it will not change the code much. The most obvious change would be, that all
your hardcoded "escape strings", like "\e%dJ" will be replaced by something
link "cursordown(X)". This is a new function which will get the escape code
from the terminfo table. It will therefore work with any terminal, not just

If YOU want, then I could make the whole thing #ifdef'ed but this would not be
necessary, because your old vt100 code will still work (because also vt100
together with all 1581 current terminal definitions of terminfo).

This feature is of interest to all people using a serial console but not using
a vt100 terminal. As you can see in terminfo (or termcap: /etc/termcap) there
are currently 1581 different terminals defined. This is, because people are
using it. They would definitevly benefit.

As I told you in my last mail, I had not yet started the coding. I am not
willing to distribute this thing as a seperate patch, but I would like this to
be included in the main tree. Surely, you cannot tell me, that you would
accept my patch (because maybe it will look very bad (but it will not) :-).
But if you tell me now, that you even don't like the idea, then I will not
start with the thing, because my spare time is rare. So I would like to get a
feeling, if you would accept the patch (if it is good programmed), and then
disucss with you the different implementation directions (e.g. you #ifdef or
not), include vt100 definitions to be backward compatible...

Please tell me, if you like this idea.

> BTW, do you still use VT52 really? I thought it was used when I was
> born.

Well, the terminal I use is a IBM3161. I choose the name "vt52" because it is
widely known. However, my idea will cover ALL terminals not just "vt52". My
IBM3161 is cheap, small, and very good for using at my "home-server", which
resides in the cellar. Are you using a CRT? Its too big and heavy...

> Thanks,
> Okuji

Thank you!

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