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Re: need terminfo for serial console?

From: Christoph Plattner
Subject: Re: need terminfo for serial console?
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 09:03:43 +0200


to cover all aspects of the TERM-I/O stuff, also the tty (in ourcase the
flow control has to be added. XON/OFF or even RTS/CTS flow control
really missed by me, perhaps I will add it, if I have a good idea to
this in "polling" mode !).

But if we really think about that "big step" then we should do a
We should add a "virtual terminal" for the VGA/keyboard to have one TTY
face to control one well defined interface wiyh TERMIOS. So the terminal
setting should be a "terminal" not at "serial" !

Do we really want this whole stuff ?
Is it not an overkill for an boot loader ?

With friendly regards
Christoph P.

"Dr. Tilmann Bubeck" wrote:
> --- "Yoshinori K. Okuji" <address@hidden> wrote:
> > At Sun, 28 Apr 2002 20:50:56 +0200,
> > Dr.Tilmann Bubeck <address@hidden> wrote:
> > > Are you (the project coordinators) interested in getting a patch for grub
> > > to read terminfo files on harddisk, therefore enabling it to use any
> > > terminal emulation?
> >
> > If that could make the code more spaghetti-like, I wouldn't be
> > interested in that. Also, I wonder how many people would benefit from
> > that. So If you believe such a feature is very important, you will
> > have to elaborate on your environment and needs.
> it will not change the code much. The most obvious change would be, that all
> your hardcoded "escape strings", like "\e%dJ" will be replaced by something
> link "cursordown(X)". This is a new function which will get the escape code
> from the terminfo table. It will therefore work with any terminal, not just
> vt100.
> If YOU want, then I could make the whole thing #ifdef'ed but this would not be
> necessary, because your old vt100 code will still work (because also vt100
> together with all 1581 current terminal definitions of terminfo).
> This feature is of interest to all people using a serial console but not using
> a vt100 terminal. As you can see in terminfo (or termcap: /etc/termcap) there
> are currently 1581 different terminals defined. This is, because people are
> using it. They would definitevly benefit.
> As I told you in my last mail, I had not yet started the coding. I am not
> willing to distribute this thing as a seperate patch, but I would like this to
> be included in the main tree. Surely, you cannot tell me, that you would
> accept my patch (because maybe it will look very bad (but it will not) :-).
> But if you tell me now, that you even don't like the idea, then I will not
> start with the thing, because my spare time is rare. So I would like to get a
> feeling, if you would accept the patch (if it is good programmed), and then
> disucss with you the different implementation directions (e.g. you #ifdef or
> not), include vt100 definitions to be backward compatible...
> Please tell me, if you like this idea.
> Till
> > BTW, do you still use VT52 really? I thought it was used when I was
> > born.
> Well, the terminal I use is a IBM3161. I choose the name "vt52" because it is
> widely known. However, my idea will cover ALL terminals not just "vt52". My
> IBM3161 is cheap, small, and very good for using at my "home-server", which
> resides in the cellar. Are you using a CRT? Its too big and heavy...
> > Thanks,
> > Okuji
> Thank you!
>   Till
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