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[Bug #793] Grub cannot work with memdisk

From: nobody
Subject: [Bug #793] Grub cannot work with memdisk
Date: Wed, 03 Jul 2002 09:31:16 -0400

=================== BUG #793: FULL BUG SNAPSHOT ===================

Submitted by: None                      Project: grub                           
Submitted on: 2002-Jul-03 09:31
Category:  Booting                      Severity:  Major                        
Priority:  None                         Bug Group:  Feature Request             
Resolution:  None                       Assigned to:  None                      
Status:  Open                           Release:  0.92                          
Reproducibility:  Every Time            Planned Release:                        

Summary:  Grub cannot work with memdisk

Original Submission:  Memdisk is a utility from the syslinux project which 
a bootloader to set up a ramdisk image of a floppy or
hard disk.  It allows us to boot, for example, DOS from
a virtual floppy, which is very useful for maintaining
machines we have here.  Syslinux treats memdisk as a
Linux kernel and the disk image as a ramdisk.  Grub sees
memdisk as a linux kernel, but if we attempt to boot
it with an image as initrd, it just hangs.  Samples
can be provided on request.

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