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Re: Creating a bootable cdrom that includes Grub.

From: umidori kamome
Subject: Re: Creating a bootable cdrom that includes Grub.
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2002 23:35:18 +0900 (JST)

Hey Yo Hoh, Thierry!

> The problem is that the emulation doesn't survive
> for Linux, that is,
> what was for GRUB under El Torito emulation (hd0)
> [the hard disk
> emulation] is no more accessible to Linux, since
> Linux doesn't use
> directly the BIOS for that.

Thank you for trying to solve this - but as far
as i am concerned this does not help yet. (Or
perhaps i got it wrong?)
Isnt there a possibility of booting a cdrom like
you would boot a floppy (chainloader (fd0)+1)?
The thing is - i wanted to install an old win98
(do not ask why ;) ) onto (hd0,3) so grub seemed 
the way to go - remap partitions and boot the

What are cdroms called under grub?

what is this "hard disk emulation"?

i got "some" error-msg containing "cdrom" when 
installing grub - might that be the prob.

im sorry to bother you with some perhaps easy-to-
answer questions, but i have been reading some 
howtos and the like - without ever finding a hint
on how to achieve this.

thank you

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