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loading a later stage, directly

From: Dave Hansen
Subject: loading a later stage, directly
Date: Fri, 07 Feb 2003 09:49:59 -0800
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I have a relatively strange situation.  I have some old hardware that
already has a bootloader of sorts (NUMAQ, if anyone know what that is).
 It boots off of a card called the MDC, and runs an elf executable
called lynxer.elf.  This program is responsible for pulling boot images
out of the MDC's flash, loading them, and executing them.  The images
were all in elf format, and could be things like an additional
bootloader, or a UNIX kernel.  I want GRUB to be one of the images which
are executed.

I've already modified the program to execute arbitrary code, located in
arbitrary places.  I should just be able to load GRUB, and execute, but
GRUB has some hard-coded addresses in it, and if I load it where it goes
naturally, it would overlap with the lynxer.elf program.

The jump to the executables happens in 32-bit mode, so the initial parts
of stage2/asm.S aren't necessary.  GRUB doesn't have to worry about
loading anything from the disk, or making the real->protected switch.

Any suggestions for where to load it, or trouble I might run into by
skipping all of stage1, and stage2/asm.S until after real_to_prot()?
Dave Hansen

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