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Recompile error

From: Rod Rioux
Subject: Recompile error
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 16:30:54 -0800

I recompiled a new ht x series server with 2.4.20 kernel
When I reboot I get
cannot open root device label=/
please append correct root= option
kernel panic vfs error ... blah blah

The first thing i thought was it was a module or lack of module error.
So I booted into the stock kernel.. did an lsmod and compiled those 
modules into the kernel.. Still same error... Heres the funny thing...
If I specify that the / partition is /dev/sda6 instead of using the label, 
it boots... 

Does someone have a workaround for this or do I have to change all
my labels to /dev/xxx whenever I recompile a kernel ?


Rod Rioux | RD Systems Team Administrator | Crystal Decisions
Tel: (Direct) (604) 974-2306  
Email: address@hidden
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