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BIOS hibernation destroying grub on mbr

From: mi
Subject: BIOS hibernation destroying grub on mbr
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003 11:47:15 +0100

Hello !
My first message concerning this was bounced ( sent as acc ) so i try once 
Originally, it was a cc from a Mail to Alex Stewart <address@hidden> 
and Patrick D. Ashmore <address@hidden>, the developers
of 'lphdisk'.


I didn't know that: Grub stage 1.5 is stored on the HD, _after_ the mbr !
I don't understand that.

But anyway, it's an explanation why grub was damaged, here on a dell inspiron 
5000 after bios-hibernating. The hibernation partition, created with cfdisk + 
lphdisk, was the very first one, a primary.

After i inserted a 'spacer' of 7 MB ( which was the lower limit for cfdisk, 
at least for MB count ) it worked without problems.

Luck boy i was, this done completely intuitivley - i didn't had any clue at 

However, I'm not sure if that's the whole answer.
Who was it, grub, or the BIOS, requesting me to insert the 'correct 
originally HD' when i booted the damaged one ?

And about Grub, why is there "free space" after the mbr ?  At least in this 
case, it seems, there wasn't !

And why don't other bootloaders use it also, then ? ( Perhaps for that reason 

Perhaps it's in the texinfo. Anyway it's not easy to read (at least, in dwww 
the footnotes aren't linked; and things somehow are too widely spread...).
I have to admit, i like grub very much, though.
It's simply great :)



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