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Re: BIOS hibernation destroying grub on mbr

From: mi
Subject: Re: BIOS hibernation destroying grub on mbr
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 04:52:37 +0100

Yoshinori K. Okuji:
> > But anyway, it's an explanation why grub was damaged, here on a dell
> > inspiron 5000 after bios-hibernating. The hibernation partition, created
> > with cfdisk + lphdisk, was the very first one, a primary.
>> How did you create the hibernation partition? Before or after
> installing GRUB?
After. This didn't harm grub, then.
> Also, which version of GRUB did you use?
Called 0.91-2 in Debian Woody 3.0 rev. 01
> > And about Grub, why is there "free space" after the mbr ?  At least in
> > this case, it seems, there wasn't !
> Some free space is usually present. If lphdisk doesn't reserve one
Thats rather vague, isn't it.
> track before the first partition, lphdisk should be blamed.
No, lphdisk was alright. Damage appeared after activating hibernation the 
first time.
> > And why don't other bootloaders use it also, then ? ( Perhaps for that
> > reason ?)
> Several boot loaders and disk utilities use it, actually. For example,
> GAG uses it.
I hope there's a convention on that.
Now this case might be a feature or simply a bug of Dell Inspiron BIOS A08.
Since linux-notebook folks prefer swap suspend "swsusp" for several good 
reasons, it should be no big problem. Actually it's interesting that Win2000+ 
hibernation is very fast, in comparison, and doesn't show up the BIOS screen 
at all;
so i think even MS has ditched this old stuff. 
> Thanks,
> Okuji

Thanks for the reply.


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