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grub signalling before booting

From: Rohan Almeida
Subject: grub signalling before booting
Date: 23 Mar 2003 06:17:33 -0000


I use Redhat 8.0 as my primary operating system at work as well
as at home. At work, I use Redhat exclusively. But at home I have
Microsoft Windows XP too. So its grub which provides me with a
choise of OS.

I was wondering if a feature could be added, wherein grub could
alert the user either through visual or audio means when it is
about to select the default OS.

I for one, would appreciate it much.
At home, I have set the default timeout as 5 seconds.
And many a time while rebootiong, I suddenly get distracted by
interesting people on TV, and missout on my intended choice and
landing up with the default OS, whatever it is set to be.

Now, if there was some kind of audio signal (system speaker),
like beeping at the last 2 seconds, the user could get alerted
and switch to his intended choice.

I'm not much of a C programmer or i would have submitted a patch
too :-(

And if the above suggestion has already been suggested before
or alreay implemented, then sorry for wasting your time.

Rohan Almeida

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