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[grub #61] Request: Support for LDM partitions

From: ashtonmills
Subject: [grub #61] Request: Support for LDM partitions
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2003 16:21:39 +0900

Reporter: address@hidden
Summary: Request: Support for LDM partitions
Version: 0.93
Type: feature request

As the Linux kernel supports Windows XP/2000's Dynamic Disks (LDM) it's easy to 
install onto and use Linux from LDM partitions, such as in the case of a 
dual-boot system where dyanmic disks are used under Windows for features such 
as software RAID.

Booting a Linux installation on LDM partitions however is currently impossible 
as neither GRUB or LILO currently recognises LDM partitions and hence can't see 
a partition from which to load a kernel. An extra hard drive which isn't setup 
as a dynamic disk is needed just to load the kernel, which isn't always viable.

It would be ideal if GRUB could recognise LDM partitions itself.

Thanks for reading!


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