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Design your own Linux-shoes

From: bART I Cmax-Europe BV
Subject: Design your own Linux-shoes
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 17:46:13 +0200

Sending "Spam" to Linux-users.
How dumb can these guys be you must be thinking?
This is like teaching Bill Gates the word "open source" or like having sex with Mrs. Tyson. So, before you bomb the hell out of us or instantly block all of our IP addresses, please do listen up. We're not as stupid as you might think. We, like you, are proud Linuxers ourselves, so how could we be? We got your address searching on linux sites and we promise we will only use it once. What do you say? Deal?

Here are two helpful tips to assist you in designing yourself the coolest sneakers ever:

1. Take Your time, Don't Rush It.
We’d rather see you returning to CMAX to buy your shoes again (because you were so pleased with your first design) than not coming back at all because you designed something hideous. Save your cool shoe designs in your personal CMAX portfolio until you’re ready to buy. It’s almost the same as asking the girl in the shop if she can stow them away on the top shelf until you return tomorrow.

2. Read How “it” Works.
We clearly explain on our site (leftside always) how to design your ultimate puppies.


A Team of ex-adidas Shoe Dogs
left the corporate world and started the CMAX-brand in 1999. We've made sure that our Chinese employee's would benefit from our company. As a result we've been rewarded by having a ISO-9002 certificate, and believe us, you don't get one of these if you are not 110% taking care of your fellow workers in addition to utilizing the best possible materials. Also, as far as we know, we are the only retailer having the phone number and address of the factory online. So whenever you're close to Chenhzen, China, please do drop by and have a beer with us.

Your own logo next to TUX?
Yep, we can also do that. But we then we must call it Promotional Footwear. From a minimum of 30 pairs you can order shoes with your company logo, your sports team logo, your whatever-logo. We deliver within 4 weeks to every address within the US as well as Europe. Please pay us a visit on www.promoshoes.com to find out more.

© 2003 eu.CMAX.com (CMAX Europe BV)

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