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Re: NetBSD hacker needed?

From: Yoshinori Okuji
Subject: Re: NetBSD hacker needed?
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 00:53:51 +0100 (BST)

 --- Robert Millan <address@hidden> wrote:
> No idea on what happened. But note that the GRUB documentation claims to
> support all *BSD.

The documentation is always out of date as well as many other projects.

> Is it ok to use #ifdefs in fsys_ffs.c? Perhaps a lot of code can be shared
> between both implementations.

Please don't do that. Using cpp conditionals is an evil of necessity really.
Such code is unreadble and unmaintainable.

You might think the difference between UFS and UFS2 is quite small, but that
won't be true in my experience. Suppose that UFS2 will be extended in the
future. Imagine that UFS3 will appear.

Just copy code and/or segregate common functions, if you want to reuse code in
this case.


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