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Re: NetBSD hacker needed?

From: Shigeya Suzuki
Subject: Re: NetBSD hacker needed?
Date: Tue, 09 Sep 2003 09:56:17 +0900 (JST)

>>>>> "zeratul2" == Robert Millan <address@hidden> writes:

zeratul2> Shigeya: Are you willing to help on UFS2?

If possible.. maybe.

I haven't using UFS2 yet. (I was switched to NetBSD before FreeBSD
supports UFS2)

zeratul2> If you are, start reading the following threads:

zeratul2> http://mail.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-grub/2003-07/msg00040.html
zeratul2> http://mail.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-grub/2003-07/msg00111.html

Hmm. I understand that It's in progress but not yet..

zeratul2> And contact Chris Reichow <chris at reichow dot net> to
zeratul2> coordinate work with him (perhaps he has some unfinished
zeratul2> code). I'm CCing him btw.

I think I can do this work in my spare time, but like Chris Reichow, I
may not have enough time to do this.

Also, It must be easier to test UFS2 support on FreeBSD than NetBSD

But anyway, let me check UFS2 implementation and related docs
first. Possibly installing latest FreeBSD. 

  ... and latest GRUB code too ;-p


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