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GRUB portability

From: Marco Gerards
Subject: GRUB portability
Date: 24 Sep 2003 23:05:37 +0200
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Because of the release of L4 (L4Ka::Pistachio) and the recent l4-Hurd
developments it becomes really interesting to have a multiboot
complaint bootloader on many architectures.

Of course I want to use GRUB on all these architectures (I'm mainly
interested in the PPC and Alpha architectures).

I had a look at PUPA (only the mailinglists and the sourcecode) a
while ago and noticed that there is not much development lately.  Will
this change?  When will PUPA be merged back with GRUB, when it
perfectly works on the IA32?

Perhaps I'm interested in porting GRUB/PUPA to the PPC (perhaps I will
get a PPC laptop soon) or the Alpha.

Any other information related to PUPA is welcome too. :)


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