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Re: GRUB portability

From: Marco Gerards
Subject: Re: GRUB portability
Date: 25 Sep 2003 19:58:34 +0200
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Yoshinori Okuji <address@hidden> writes:


> This year I work for a company, so I work on PUPA only in my spare time. PUPA
> is purely a volunteer-based project now.
> > And perhaps if you call it GRUB2 and put it in /cvsroot/grub/grub2, then 
> > more
> > people interested on adding features to GRUB would rather add them to GRUB2
> > instead.
> Maybe. I need to clean up some copyright issues before integrating it to GRUB.

What are these copyright issues?

I think it would be better to call it GRUB2 or something that makes it
clear to people what it is.  Most people don't know PUPA, I just
heared of it because I was talking with some GNU hackers that GRUB is
unportable, etc, they told me about PUPA.

Another thing that you can do is putting a link to the PUPA project on
the GRUB webpage.

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