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Re: Issues with GRUB-gfxboot

From: chaac
Subject: Re: Issues with GRUB-gfxboot
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 20:35:04 +0200
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J. Silverman wrote:
Hi Pete and Vesa,

Thank you both for your help! Pete, some of the other developers and I were thinking there was something wrong with vmware, like you said. Someone is going to try out installing SuSE (where the gfxboot menu originated) and see if its menu works, just to make sure something didn't happen when the Debian GRUB was patched.

Vesa, if it is something wrong with the code, where would we begin to check. I'm not an expert at GRUB, so I am not really sure where and how to fix it if it is a coding issue.


Official GRUB distribution doesn't contain code to display graphical menus, so this is stricly unoffical patch you are using with it. If you can point me to comple source archive I could have some time to look at it and verify some details about it.

Basicly most common problem was that coders were too lazy to read (or didn't just read) VBE standard and missed some details about virtual screen buffer scanline length value in returned video mode settings. There are also other video settings to look for compatibility, but this was usually main issue at codes I were looking at that time.

I think my workmate has RH9 running under VMware and it also features graphical boot. But I think that is prepatched RedHat version of GRUB.

Vesa Jääskeläinen

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