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Security advices from e-gold ltd.

From: e-gold ltd
Subject: Security advices from e-gold ltd.
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 18:42:24 +0000

Dear E-gold user,

There are numerous fraudulent emails in circulation
spoofing e-mail addresses in the e-gold.com domain.
These emails direct you to log into your account to verify
information or update information and they usually operate
on greed or fear in order to entice victims to click a hypertext

These emails may say your account has a value limit, you have
received fraudulent funds, your account will be closed for
inactivity, or that e-gold is paying monthly interest payments.

Remember, that E-Gold will NEVER ask for your password by e-mail,
by phone.

We have updated our securiry system, and wrote some helpful advices
about fraud in internet.

We seriosly advice you to read them, to get knowledge of protection
in internet.
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