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question(feature request..?)

From: nanok
Subject: question(feature request..?)
Date: Sun, 23 May 2004 08:48:32 +0300
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hello. i have come to play with grub a bit and i am really excited about
it. however, i wonder if there is any function for rebooting in case of
kernel panic and booting a different entry in the menu (something
similar to what lilo can do: boot once + reboot on panic..)

i have been googling all night, can't find anyhting relevant. the
documentation also dsnt seem to say anything about that..if this feature
is not supported, may i sugest  it to be included in the future? as i
think it is crucial(for remotelly upgrading the kernel for
instance..);if it is, would u pls point me out to some relevant
documentation, or maybe give a few hints. 10x a lot. keep up the good

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