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Re: No output from stage1

From: Greg Ward
Subject: Re: No output from stage1
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004 18:02:47 -0400
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On 01 September 2004, Greg Ward said:
> Hi -- I'm trying to reinstall GRUB onto my hard drive after
> repartitioning it.  I've been running Red Hat Linux 9 with GRUB 0.93
> absolutely perfectly for about a year.
> Unfortunately, booting now completely fails with zero output; I don't
> see "GRUB" or any error message on the screen.  The machine is just
> dead.  Luckily, I can boot from a floppy with stage1 and stage2 on it,
> so I'm not completely screwed.

Hmmm.  This may have been a GRUB version mismatch: my first attempt was
with a GRUB floppy I created at home, using the Debian "unstable" version
of GRUB (0.95+cvs20040624-8).  Also, the /boot/grub/stage2 file on my
Red Hat 9 PC was different from /usr/share/grub/i386-redhat/stage2.  I
copied the canonical stage2 into /boot/grub, created a new GRUB floppy,
rebooted, redid
  root (hd0,1)
  setup (hd0)
and was able to boot just fine off my hard drive.

Not sure whether it was the different stage2 file or the mismatched GRUB
floppy, but one of those seems to have solved the problem.


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