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RE: Grub with iso9660 [El Torito support is added]

From: Treutwein Bernhard
Subject: RE: Grub with iso9660 [El Torito support is added]
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2004 15:17:39 +0200


afaik, that behaviour is due to the "no emulation" mode
of the bootable CD. (cd) is not a directive but the
device name for a CD booted in no-emulation mode.

Booted from floppy or hard disk, there will no (cd)
device. If you need to reboot from cd (having booted 
from hd or fd you might have some success with the

        title  boot CD 
        kernel /boot/grub/memdisk
        initrd /boot/grub/cdboot.raw

memdisk is from the SYSLinux project and cdboot.raw
is from the Smart Boot Manager (SBM) project.
        Bernhard Treutwein, IuK, Ref. III A 3
        Bernhard.Treutwein(at)verwaltung uni-muenchen de

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Linux [mailto:address@hidden 
> Sent: Thursday, September 16, 2004 3:30 PM
> To: address@hidden
> Subject: Grub with iso9660 [El Torito support is added]
> On the Fedora list I posted the following question, but have 
> got no good 
> answers.
> Has anyone the answer?
> >Making a GRUB bootable CD is no problem at all. What I can't 
> get to work 
> >is installing GRUB on another medium, like floppy and 
> harddisk, and then, 
> >after the system has booted into GRUB, being able to access 
> a kernel and 
> >initrd that reside on a cd/dvd.
> >I would like to use a grub.conf like this:
> >---------------------------------------- grub.conf 
> >-------------------------------
> >default 0
> >timeout 10
> >
> >title My Linux on harddisk
> >         root (hd0,0)
> >         kernel /vmlinuz ro root=LABEL=/
> >         initrd /initrd.img
> >title My rescue on CD
> >         root (cd)
> >         kernel /vmlinuz ro text rescue
> >         initrd /initrd.img
> >------------------------------------ end grub.conf 
> >-------------------------------
> >If I make a CD bootable grub with stage2_eltorito from 
> grub-0.95, the (cd) 
> >directive is available. If I install the stage2 from grub 
> -0.95 on floppy 
> >or harddisk, the (cd)-directive is not available. Further I 
> can't find any 
> >documentation on how to incorporate the iso9660_stage1_5 
> image in the boot 
> >system.
> >
> >I found a message describing the command to use in the grub shell is:
> >install (fd0)/stage1 (fd0) (fd0)/iso9660_stage1_5 (fd0)/stage2 p 
> >(fd0)/grub.conf
> >
> >In this example all the stage files where installed in the 
> root of the 
> >floppy filesystem.
> >Following this I had a floppy that after booting wrote the 
> word "GRUB" to 
> >the screen endlessly.
> >Should I just replace stage2 with iso9660_stage1_5 in the 
> install-command?
> >> > I think I have to use the iso9660_stage1_5 file for 
> this. But when I tried
> >> > to embed this file from grub it did not succeed
> Regards, Koos Werkman. 

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