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Re: Grub with iso9660 [El Torito support is added]

From: Linux
Subject: Re: Grub with iso9660 [El Torito support is added]
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 09:33:06 +0200

On the Fedora list I posted the following question, but have got no good answers.

Has anyone the answer?

Regards, Koos Werkman.

At 09:26 10-09-2004, you wrote:
At 21:37 09-09-2004, you wrote:

On Thu, 2004-09-09 at 15:12, Linux wrote:
> Since grub 0.95 it comes with iso9660 support. I now managed to create a
> boot CD using this support. (When will the Fedora distro use grub on it's
> distribution CD? Its much more flexible then syslinux!!)
The Fedora Distro does use GRUB.  You can stick GRUB on a floppy to
boot, but it's much simpler to use mkbootdisk.

I am not looking for the easiest way, but the most elegant way.

> What I did not succeed to do, is making a boot diskette with grub that can
> access a CD in a CD drive and load kernel and initrd from that CD while
> having booted into grub from that floppy.
Have you looked into mkbootdisk --iso?  That will build a bootable ISO
image you can burn to CD using your favorite CD burning utility.

Making a GRUB bootable CD is no problem at all. What I can't get to work is installing GRUB on another medium, like floppy and harddisk, and then, after the system has booted into GRUB, being able to access a kernel and initrd that reside on a cd/dvd.

I would like to use a grub.conf like this:
---------------------------------------- grub.conf -------------------------------
default 0
timeout 10

title My Linux on harddisk
        root (hd0,0)
        kernel /vmlinuz ro root=LABEL=/
        initrd /initrd.img
title My rescue on CD
        root (cd)
        kernel /vmlinuz ro text rescue
        initrd /initrd.img
------------------------------------ end grub.conf -------------------------------

If I make a CD bootable grub with stage2_eltorito from grub-0.95, the (cd) directive is available. If I install the stage2 from grub -0.95 on floppy or harddisk, the (cd)-directive is not available. Further I can't find any documentation on how to incorporate the iso9660_stage1_5 image in the boot system.

I found a message describing the command to use in the grub shell is:

install (fd0)/stage1 (fd0) (fd0)/iso9660_stage1_5 (fd0)/stage2 p (fd0)/grub.conf

In this example all the stage files where installed in the root of the floppy filesystem.

Following this I had a floppy that after booting wrote the word "GRUB" to the screen endlessly.

Should I just replace stage2 with iso9660_stage1_5 in the install-command?

Any help is welcom.

Regards, Koos.

> I think I have to use the iso9660_stage1_5 file for this. But when I tried
> to embed this file from grub it did not succeed.
> Has anyone any information if and how this would be possible??
> Regards, Koos.

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