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Grub 2 Grub Super Disk WishList

From: adrian15
Subject: Grub 2 Grub Super Disk WishList
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 19:43:33 +0200

Grub 2 - Grub Super Disk - Wishlist

Having being developing a piece of software called:
Grub Super Disk
has helped me to find some addons, some improvements
that in my opinnion have to be added in Grub 2.x.

Here goes my list of proposals.

Thank you for your attention. If I should have sent this email to dev. 
Please forward it for me if you have rights on the dev mailinglist.
I have little time to send emails.

Thank you.


PROPOSAL 1) - Device autodetection
Grub 2 should be able to autodetect where the
main/first menu.lst is. 
Grub 2 should be able to store automagically this device
into a constant called

Grub Menu Advantadge
This option is useful for not having to rewrite menu.lst files
that invoke another config files with the configfile command.

If you develop a floppy disk with menus that invoke other menus
like Grub Super Disk you will use commands like this:

title spanish
configfile (fd0)/grub/es/menu.lst

If you want to make the same thing into a cdrom or into a network device
you should replace (fd0) and put (cd) or (nd) respectively.

Why can't we have something like:

title spanish
configfile GRUB_DEVICE/grub/es/menu.lst

PROPOSAL 2) Use of ..
Use of ..
Grub stores the path to the current config file (menu.lst)
in a variable.

If we have loaded:

the following command:

title Back to main menu
configfile ../menu.lst

should load: GRUB_DEVICE/grub/es/menu.lst

This should help making complex menus with Grub.

There is a variable which stores a main title which is displayed
in the place where in GRUB 1.X is shown the grub version and the
free mem.

Every menu in Grub 1.x is the Grub menu. This way each menu can
have a name of its own.

Once we load a configfile if we had already loaded another configfile
the path/filename of this configfile into a variable called:

This will help to make Previous Menu option easier. Although I think
that some sort of global variables among the different configfiles
should be used.

If one menu calls a second one and this second one calls a third one then
OLD_CONFIGFILE of the first one and of the second one are lost.

Having each previously loaded configfile each own OLD_CONFIGFILE should
eat resources and maybe Grub developers don't want this.

Any other similar idea?

PROPOSAL 5) 2-line menu options
Grub should be ready to show title string that exceed screen width in 
characters if we set it to this behaviour.

This behaviour should be set with a variable like LINE2YES.

PROPOSAL 6) echo command
The cat command is very useful to show files but sometimes we need to show
text and it doesn't need to be asociated to an option.

So an echo command is needed (the same basic behaviour as linux one)

PROPOSAL 7) cat more
The cat command shows files. But with Grub 1.x if you run it within a menu 
it doesn't stop at a full screen, even if the PAGER is ON.
I think cat should be stoppeable.

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