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Grub Super Disk Generator Source Code

From: adrian15
Subject: Grub Super Disk Generator Source Code
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 19:49:24 +0200

there is a tar.gz which contains the dev folder
Inside dev folder build.sh is found.

This script serves to build grub super disk from
various menu.lst, text files, and other
bash configuration files.

You can read all the different scripts.
In the current state of developing
I am trying to separate final options strings
from the menu.lst and store them into
a bash sh file so that they may be easily translated.

build.sh implements strange arrays that help me
to associate some data: current folder, education mode,
help file, menu file to the current configfile.

It's in some sort an OO approach.

As I have said Grub Super Disk is an early stage of
development, so if I'm not wrong with this script
you will only build one or two options
and it will stop because I am dealing with
/ character with sed substitution.

Any help, critic, patch to the code is welcomed.

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