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RE: Grub for embedded system

From: Kjeld Flarup Christensen \(ST/LMD\)
Subject: RE: Grub for embedded system
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 07:32:25 +0100

> @gnu.org] On Behalf Of Jeremy Dufour
> Sent: 14. marts 2006 11:59

> It is working but really slowly to load the stage 1.5 before 
> the menu is displayed (about 2 seconds). Have you an idead of 
> why it is so long ?

I think that 2 seconds is a quite normal time, depending on how you
measure it. 

> Is there a way to optimize the loading time ? For example, 
> using a smaller stage 1.5 ?

I don't think that a smaller size will change anything. It is more
likely some hardware that needs to be checked that takes up time. 


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