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RE: Grub for embedded system

From: Kjeld Flarup Christensen \(ST/LMD\)
Subject: RE: Grub for embedded system
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 13:51:35 +0100

> On my personnal computer, when the message "Loading stage 
> 1.5" is wrote, it is immediatly suppressed by the menu.
> On the PC104, when it is displayed, it takes a very long 
> second befor the menu is displayed. During this time, I can, 
> for example, press the down key two times, press enter and 
> when the menu will be shown, it is going to remember my 
> action and do it.

On my target I use a serial console, that may be a difference to yours.

> I know that one or two seconds for loading grub on a embedded 
> system is not maybe too much, but it is for my needs. The 
> linux after boot in less than ten seconds and loosing 2 
> seconds for grub, is too much for my needs...

10s, that is actually impressing. What distro are you using?

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