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Re: How To Write Extended Partition Tables from GRUB?

From: adrian15
Subject: Re: How To Write Extended Partition Tables from GRUB?
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2007 18:52:17 +0100
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sburtchin escribió:
Another situation deals with data recovery.  If the partition tables happen
to become corrupted, fixing these errors can be the first and best step to
data recovery.  There are tools for doing this, but a much quicker approach
would be to add a "Restore All Partition Tables" selection to the GRUB menu. This is easily scripted in "menu.lst" using a combination of "partnew" and
"eptedit" commands.

This restore All Partition Tables selection how would it be implemented...

on the running system you run an script that saves all your partition
data into a menu.lst that uses that eptedit command and then...

you can burn this menu.lst into a grub cdrom so that you can use

FOR ONLY your computer in a future ?

Is that your idea ?


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