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Re: deleting a primary partition (soalris) and installing linux instead

From: adrian15
Subject: Re: deleting a primary partition (soalris) and installing linux instead
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2007 18:52:35 +0100
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Ian Brown escribió:
 I had installed linux (Fedora Core) and then solaris on the same disk.
    The Grub of solaris took over, and I can dual boot both
    to linux and solaris. The solaris partition ("bf") is the
    primary partition.
    Now I do not want the solaris any more on this hard disk.
I do want to install another linux on this HardDisk, Debian, and I still want
    that the Fedora Core will remain.
    As far as I remember fronm the past (I tried something
    like it),if I will not delete the solaris parition, and
    start the linux Debian installation there will be an error
    (something like "cannot allocate partition table" while installing).
    So my question is:
    Is it ok to delete the Solaris partition (using fdisk) and
    start the debian installer ? Will the debian installer take over
    and recognize the linux partition ?
    I simply afraid that something will mess up because the solaris
    partition is a primary partiton, and as I unerstand , now the MBR
    of GRUB is in it.
    Any ideas?


Can you please post a fdisk -l ?  I'll tell you the right instructions
you should do.

In my opinnion you should install FC grub on FC partition boot sector
and then let Debian install himself on the solaris partition and after
the installation add an entry to boot Fedora Core... or better even the
FC grub.


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