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Re: grub-pc still too obtuse

From: Felix Zielcke
Subject: Re: grub-pc still too obtuse
Date: Sun, 08 Mar 2009 20:59:23 +0100

Am Montag, den 09.03.2009, 06:03 +1030 schrieb Arthur Marsh:
> I just installed grub 1.96+20090307-1 on Debian unstable and managed to get:
> grub-setup "(hd0)"
> to run, but the fact that one needs to run grub-setup in that way in 
> order to install the latest version of grub on the boot media still 
> isn't documented, and I can't figure out how to run grub-probe based on 
> the current manual page and documentation.

Don't run grub-setup, but the grub-install like, either with
`grub-install /dev/hda' or `grub-install "(hd0)"', because only
grub-install will update all modules in /boot/grub.
If you just run grub-setup then grub2 isn't really updated.

And what's your problem with grub-probe?
You run it like `grub-probe /path' or `grub-probe -d /dev/hda1'.

> So my Linux root partition is on /dev/hda5
> I would like to have a grub menu entry to attempt booting off the USB 
> drive as this machine is too old to support booting directly off USB.

You can try the usbms module to support booting from an USB device.
insmod uhci (or ohci, depends on your USB controller)
insmod usbms
and maybe `ls' shows a new device for your USB drive.

> I have also not been successful on booting from /dev/sdb1 (Win95) unless 
> I change the BIOS to boot from SCSI, and even to do that, I had to mark 
> the FAT partitions on /dev/hda "hidden".

grub2 doestn't have a map command yet which is needed to boot old
windows/dos systems from a drive different then hd0.

Felix Zielcke

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