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grub make error

From: Chen, Farrah
Subject: grub make error
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2019 01:45:23 +0000



I make grub using the latest commit of master branch for a long time.

I found that from commit: 35b909062e7b334eb4af372be3260d0f62d85375 to the latest one: 5bc41db756c5b342aa22fc95508bde105e05a095, when make grub, the following error happened when executed "make".

And I also noticed that we need to use "./bootstrap" instead of "./autogen.sh" .

So my stpes:


1.       git clone git://git.savannah.gnu.org/grub.git

2.       cd grub

3.       ./bootstrap

4.       ./configure --target=amd64 --with-platform=xen (I also tried ./configure --target=amd64, then same error happened.)

5.       make

Then the following error occurred:


In file included from ../grub-core/lib/gnulib/libc-config.h:150:0,

from lib/gnulib/regex.c:21:

lib/gnulib/regexec.c: In function ‘re_search_2_stub’:

../grub-core/lib/gnulib/intprops.h:398:37: error: ‘SCHAR_MIN’ undeclared (first use in this function)

signed char, SCHAR_MIN, SCHAR_MAX) \


../grub-core/lib/gnulib/cdefs.h:405:52: note: in definition of macro ‘__glibc_unlikely’

# define __glibc_unlikely(cond) __builtin_expect ((cond), 0)


../grub-core/lib/gnulib/intprops.h:426:6: note: in expansion of macro ‘_GL_INT_OP_CALC1’

? _GL_INT_OP_CALC1 ((t) (a), (t) (b), r, op, overflow, ut, t, tmin, tmax) \


../grub-core/lib/gnulib/intprops.h:397:7: note: in expansion of macro ‘_GL_INT_OP_CALC’

? _GL_INT_OP_CALC (a, b, r, op, overflow, unsigned int, \





Is this a bug ? Or what did I do wrong?

Thanks a lot!






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