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Bug report (running Linux Mint 20.3)

From: Tim Rutherford
Subject: Bug report (running Linux Mint 20.3)
Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2022 17:29:19 -0400

Hello grub@gnu and thanks for your little bit of magic. I have a problem.

I hope the screenshots attached will answer many of your questions, but as background:
+ Linus Mint 20.3 (Cinnamon) on a Lenovo T480, installed on the onboard SSD running LUKS.
I suspect it's the LUKS that's at issue, I've used :update-grubĀ  lots of times without any problems on simpler configs.

You may already have a solution, or possibly someone else has reported this. I honestly doubt that I'm the first. If you have news I'll be very happy to hear it.

Again, thanks for your project and its results.

Tim Rutherford

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